Contact and personal data

full nameMiroslaw Niepokoj
e-mailmiroslaw.niepokoj |at|
phone+48 608 298 636

Some things i was working on

Remote File Commander, written in J2ME and in Android (API level 4), allowing to connect to your server and remotely manage your files, as an entry point you need PHP as a backend on your server, all communications is done via HTTP(S)+JSON. In J2ME version GUI is based on LWUIT library.
jQuery File Commander
Everyday on my computer I'm using Total Commander but on my site it is impossible - yeah FTP but try to move or copy file on remote server without shell account. So I created a tool similar to Total Commander but working in internet browser and with any server side technology (PHP, RUBY, PYTHON, JAVA). Now if you love TC (like me) you are able to manage your site files excatly the same way as on your PC. (JFC DEMO)
j2me + almost every possible JSR which can be used in mobile technologies, whole thing was based on the first in j2me history JMS build by Konrad Jelen and was created to be used as a base for every payment technology, loyalty programs and more.
I was working in Gronau in Netherlands for Maxartists company. For almost 9 months I was responsible for mobile side of tessa called mTessa. That period of time I remember as a lot of business meetings as well as a lot of work on proof of concepts, deadlines and... plenty of work under pressure!
My work on that project I've started from one 5-days long "kick start" meeting in San Diego in Qualcomm with their core team. Thankfully for that work I have great possibility to see a piece of california and most important - Los Angeles :).
cakephp 1.2.5, mysql, jquery, integration with intranet
Project for the biggest polish franchising company that specializes in selling wedding dresses. Website presents current wedding fashion and bridal gowns, integrated with company intranet - possibility to make an appointment in choosen bridal store and automatically saving it to choosen store calendar.
cakephp 1.2.1, mysql, jquery, flash cs4, action script 3, XML is a Euroregional Virtual Tourist fair 'The Carpathians'. The idea behind it was to have virtual tourist fair opened whole year. One of the most interested part of the project was creating flash presentation written in actions script 3. All data showed in flash movie are loaded dynamically from xml.
robbo flash game + online editor
first action script 2 in flash 8, later ported to action script 3, cakephp 1.2, jQuery
Robbo is one of the best polish games written on 8-bit atarii. I've written that game to make myself relax (just run away from stress that arise because of projects). Later I hit on an idea about online editor which I created in couple of hours. It's still require few improvements but the most important is that it works and everyone can create its own level and share it with others.
Play robbo now!
intranet + CRM for bridal dress franchising company
cakephp 1.2, jquery, iCal
Created internal company software based on web interface, now every bridal store has its own profile where can manage their own customers and wedding dresses (and see other stores), every dress has its own status history.
Additionally CRM allow to manage customers with their contact history, has build in auto reminder about needed contact with customer (if no agreement signed) or about instalments not paid on time and more.
One of the most interesting part of the project was creating an external API to add and remove customer data from integrated external sites, and calendar (based on ajax) with day and week view and manager for creating and managing sell and lend agreements.
chucky game
action script 3, j2me
First version I created in 2003 in my spare time when i was working in warsaw as a j2me dev. In the summer of 2009 I ported it to action script 3. Its typical arcade game for children with quite nice graphics.
Play chucky now!
others projects
J2ME (mainly games): Vigor Mortis, AcesHigh, DSF Snooker, HandBall, Mr Frosty, Detective Jones, Tazdo Adventures, Cycling Champion, Robbo, Alien Attack, B52, Hang, Ball, Cyberyx, Chucky, Great Chumba Adventures

Tools in work

eclipseplus a lot of plugins for php, html, java script, java, xml css and more, this is my main and universal tool for almost everything
svnversion controlling (+tartoise svn)
flexaction script
sqlmysql-front, sqlyog, phpmyadmin
otherstopstylepro (css), xampp (mysql+apache), mysql workbench (database schema), firebug (developing / debugging), total commander and notepad for everything else


phpi'm using cakephp for almost 99% of my web projects, "we know each other" since cake was in 0.x version (for almost 4 years)
javaandroid, j2me, j2se, j2ee (struts, hibernate), cardlets
java scriptjQuery, previously prototype
flashaction script 1, 2 and now 3
othersjson, xml, css, sql, xhtml, c/c++, corba, nfc (near field communication)

A piece of history and how all of these start

1991 - 968-bit atari - programming in assembler - mainly games (lemmingi was my biggest project in that time), game editors (for platform games) and applications for my own as well as for scene group i belong to - ORION
1997 - 99assembler on PC, coding simply platform games and writing libraries for my own game framework based on Adama Seychell 32-bit dos extender
from 2000java se, html, web developing (at the very beginning in asp), c/c++, direct x
from 2003j2me - writing mobile games (from that time i was participating in more than 30 titles, and most of them i was as an main coder).
One of the biggest mobile game that i've coded was an port of Captain Claw.
from 2006found my own company IT-Bits where I'm mainly focused on creating web applications